Our Green Statement


We are committed to providing an excellent service while seeking to reduce our environmental impact.  The Beach Huts are proud to be part of the Green Tourism business scheme that helps us gain accreditation to acknowledge the standards we have in place and the improvements we make to aid sustainable tourism.  


We are in an amazing location: near the South Downs national park; an area of outstanding natural beauty as well as Blue Flag award winning beaches. 


We ask you to be aware of your impact while on holiday – it’s easy to see it as ‘time off’ but all efforts should be made to ensure we are being respectful and doing the best we can to help the beautiful environment that surrounds us.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


  • Please follow our easy recycling instructions.  Rinsed Glass, plastic containers & bottles, cans, paper & cardboard can all be and placed in one bin.  A full list of recyclable materials is available on the fridge.

  • Please compost any kitchen waste.  It can be emptied by the wood store during your visit.

  • Leave hazardous waste such as batteries and light bulbs for us to dispose of correctly.

  • Please be water wise: Turn off tap while brishing your teeth, boil what you need, drink our tap water (its lovely) rather than bottled

  • Use the Dishwasher only when full and use the eco cycle.

  • Use low temperature settings on the Washing machine and do full loads.

  • Ensure lights & gadgets are turned off when not in use

  • Line drying clothes rather than tumble drying

  • Keeping the house at a constant temperature of 19 degrees with our air source heat pump.  If you’re feeling chilly pop on a jumper / use the many blankets provided or stoke the fire and keep cosy.

  • We provide life long bags for your shopping trips, please help yourself and return after use.

  • Any unused towels and robes should be left in wardrobes for us to  reuse for other guests.


Stay, shop & Eat like a local


The gribble in is a short walk away.  They source ingredients locally where they can and provide excellent special’s based on seasonal produce.  If you have run out of anything and don’t want to get into a car then they can usually help out with basics like Bread, milk and eggs.  


We encourage our guests to buy from our amazing Farm shops in the neighbouring villages.

Runcton Farm shop is our nearest.


The Co-Op is a short walk to Tangmere – it will take 25 min and the route takes you across the Tangmere air field – an RAF base used during both the first and second world war.  You will Pass the Tangmere aviation museum en route and is well worth a visit.  It is also suitable for cycling and pushchairs.


A box of leaflets in abundance can be found to help organise your holiday itinerary.   

Please enjoy as many local attractions as you can and support them during your visit. 


Respect our Nature


There are some wonderful walks in the area to help limit the need for cars. Please see the footpath guide in the leaflet box.  Be respectful of nature and pleae keep to designated footpaths and abide by the high way code




  • Roof Solar panels feed the hot water tank

  • Wood Burning stove with back boiler for central heating and water (in cooler months)

  • All wood is provided to our guests and is sourced locally

  • Insulated walls to the highest standards to reduce carbon emissions

  • As a South facing building ensures natural sunlight floods in and warms the space.

  • An adjacent building has PV solar Panels that generate electricity for the Beach Huts

  • An air source heat pump was added in 2013 to ensure the house stays at a constant temperature.

  • Almost entirely made from wood

  • Interior walls are painted with heat reflective paint

  • LED lighting used throughout